GRANDI VIVAI di EZELINO LUPPI was set up by the lake Maggiore, at the mouth of the most important influent of the lake itself, the Toce river in the middle of 2007. This company produces acidophiluses, typical plants produced in our zone.
Even if it is a new-born flower growing company, the owner is a very experienced person in the cultivation of the aforesaid types of plants. In the sixties, together with his father ENZO, he set up a company that will become one of the most well-known companies in this field, remaining a market leader for ca. 30 years.
After the death of his father, EZELINO decides to concentrate all his strength in a new company and starts a new entrepreneurial course with the help of his sons ANDREA and CARLO.

GRANDI VIVAI decides to break into the market as an alternative company, sure of offering quality products and services.
Surrounded by skilful and reliable collaborators, EZELINO LUPPI is sure that his business, in a short time, will appear on the Italian and foreign market as one of the most appreciated realities in this field. All the production originates from our selected mother plants, in order to produce the best plants in full safety to be proposed to a more an more requiring and prepared market. A greater attention towards our customers and to those who want to approach our company, our precious and reliable product, a quality service, persuaded EZELINO LUPPI, after obtaining excellent results, to continue the research for further improving its own creature. You can visit our garden centre by appointment.


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